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Get essential tips on letting and managing your rental property 

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Get essential tips on letting and managing your rental property

from leading property experts Jan Hunter and David Porter


Get essential tips on letting and managing your rental property

Download your FREE book, worth £7.95!




Dear fellow landlord,


Revealed: The secrets that every landlord needs to know


In this book we'll guide you through the process of letting and managing your rental property.  Discover the top tips, strategies and techniques to eliminate voids, rent arrears and damage to your property, plus:


  • The best way to prepare and market your property to ensure it lets quickly.


  • How to avoid nightmare tenants by proper referencing and credit-checking.


  • Nine things you must do before the tenancy starts.


  • What insurances and permissions you will need. For example, in the event of a flood, fire, etc, it's critical that you don't inadvertently give your insurer a reason not to pay out.


  • What you should do to minimise your tax liability and maximise your profits.


  • How to meet all your legal requirements, and avoid a heavy fine, or even a jail sentence.


  • How to make your life easy by managing your tenancy effectively.


  • The right way to end your tenancy. This advice alone could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds in unpaid rent.


  • How to decide between self-management and using an agent.


What the experts are saying about our book...


Gary M Shaw

"As an investor I'm often presented with 'how-to' guides and tip books. This one was different. It's excellent to see people with a first-hand knowledge and experience of property investment, not only offering a top-rate service to landlords, but also giving out faultless advice for every level of investor. And all for free! I would completely recommend this eBook to everyone that is thinking of getting into property investing and even to those seasoned investors that need to brush up on their knowledge of the industry." Gary M Shaw, landlord and founder of the Harlow Property Network.


Sharon Crossland

"A great quick reference point... essential reading for new landlords... it's part of my reference library." Sharon Crossland AIRPM, (Associate of the Institute of Residential Property Management) and owner of

Mark Alexander

"Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down... a great little ebook... well worth a download." Mark Alexander, property expert, landlord and founder of

Tessa Shepperson

"I enjoyed this ebook and found it clear and easy to read. Even experienced landlords should find something new here. Highly recommended." Tessa Shepperson, solicitor and editor of

Martin Smith

"With this ebook, Knight Property Management is setting an example other letting agents should follow. It is exactly the thoughtful approach we like to see."

Martin Smith,

Amanda Whaley

"There is something in this eBook for both new and experienced landlords. Full of tips and advice on managing your own property and staying within the law along with guidance on how to get the best out of your letting agent. Credit to Jan and David for producing such a clear, compact and informative book." Amanda Whaley, landlord with portfolio of 50+ private lettings.


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Get essential tips on letting and managing your rental property

Download your FREE book, worth £7.95!




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David Porter & Jan Hunter

David Porter & Jan Hunter


50½ Killer Tips for Landlords




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