Buying a rental property in Hertford or Ware? – think like a tenant

If you’re thinking of investing in a buy-to-let property in Hertford or Ware, but aren’t too sure which areas or roads are suitable, one tip is to think like a tenant. Where would a tenant look?

rental property in hertford
Think like a tenant when buying a property to rent in Hertford or Ware.

Places within a five minute walk of Hertford North, Hertford East or Ware stations will always be in demand, as will properties close to shops and other transport links, such as Hertford bus station or the A10 junctions.

If you’re looking at properties a little further from the town centre and stations, where tenants are more likely to own one or more cars, then allocated or off-street parking is highly desirable, too.

As always, location is key, so think like a tenant!

For more advice on buying a rental property in Hertford or Ware, call Knight Property Management on 01992 308181 and ask for Jan or David.

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