Ten things you can do to make letting your property easier. Part 2 of 3

4) Give your property a good spring clean prior to letting

Get rid of nasty smells.
Get rid of nasty smells.

If necessary, get rid of any smells (of cigarettes, pets, etc) as these are a real turn-off for prospective tenants.  Open all the windows and get busy with the Mr Sheen.  Some fresh flowers will work wonders too.

5) Get carpets professionally cleaned

It really is worth getting them cleaned professionally prior to a tenancy, then provide the tenant with a copy of the receipt/invoice with the inventory.  At the end of the tenancy you could legitimately expect the carpets be brought back to the same standard of cleanliness (making allowance for fair wear and tear).

6) Kitchen and bathrooms matter – a lot!

A spotlessly clean kitchen and bathroom will go a long way to making a brilliant impression.

Shiny surfaces add sparkle and look good

Shiny surfaces catch the eye and give a good impression, so shiny chrome-ware (taps, kettles etc.) all add sparkle and look attractive.

Another plus point is that a clean property at the start of the tenancy makes it a lot easier to assess any excessive deterioration at check-out time.

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