Our Brand New Blog

Hello and welcome to our first ever blog!

We thought it would be a good idea to give you an idea what our blogs will be about, so here we go:-

  • They will be about anything new that affects landlords, eg. new legislation, or a new ruling on a current piece of legislation, or something that the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) puts out to its members that is a useful tit-bit of information.
  •  You will almost certainly be hearing via the blog (and Twitter & Facebook etc.) about anything exciting that we’re up to.
  • We may sometimes be throwing something controversial in the mix and asking what your opinion is on a subject, we’re hoping that our blogs will become interactive and you’ll take part in them.  And yes, controversy can be dangerous but that’s part of the fun isn’t it?  We just ask that any contributions stay polite and are not blatant advertising; any that don’t comply with this will be removed.
  • Sometimes our blogs will be relevant and appropriate to the time of year or season, so for example, a reminder of the precautions you should make to your properties just prior to winter setting in with the inevitable frozen pipes, and broken boilers etc.
  • Finally, they will be about the things you want them to be about. If there’s something particular you would like us to cover then email us.  If you don’t then we’re just going to witter on about things that may not be of interest to you – but it’s no good complaining if you don’t tell us what you’re interested in!

Having said all that, before we continue looking forward to what’s coming we would just like to look back momentarily to last month when we held our Christmas Prize Draw. In case you weren’t aware of it, we had a stand at the fantastic (but freezing cold) Hertfordshire Expo at Knebworth Barns. This is a great expo to be involved with as it’s the largest of it’s kind in Hertfordshire and the venue is fabulous – who couldn’t think that Knebworth House is a great place to hold any kind of event?! Anyway, I digress (as I’m prone to do I’m afraid, you’ve been duly warned!)

 Anyway, the prize we were offering was a gorgeous aromatic Christmas wreath kindly donated by our friend Sara Oliver from the Posy Palace. Everyone who visited our stand commented on how lovely the wreath was, even people who said they don’t usually like wreaths made the exception with that one because it smelt so heavenly and it was finished off with a very stylish deep red bow in wired ribbon.

Dr. Corinne Kay receiving her Christmas wreath
Dr. Corinne Kay receiving her Christmas wreath

 Well the winner of the wreath, a lady called Dr. Corinne Kay, who is the director at Med-Simple, Medicinal Chemistry Training Courses was pleased as punch with her prize and I have to say, when we visited her at her home to deliver her prize, and had a chance to chat, we really felt she was a very worthy winner, a lovely lady and if I ever need medicinal chemistry training I’ll definitely go to her!

 So, here we are well into January 2013 and it’s snowing again. Here in Hertford where Knight Property Management HQ is located, we’re not used to seeing much snow. All the towns and villages near to us are regularly deluged with the cold stuff each winter, but here, it’s not very often do we see more than a few flakes but now I’m seriously considering pulling on my ski-suit before I even think of opening the front door! We’re very lucky with our location, here’s the view from our office:

The snowy view from Knight HQ.
The snowy view from Knight HQ.

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